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About Premtech

Premtech is a dynamic company whose primary focus is to provide engineering, consultancy and design management services to all companies involved in the development and ownership of infrastructure projects in the Energy sector.

At Premtech we work collaboratively with our clients to identify and deliver the best project options. We work together to identify project risks and manage conflicting requirements to develop the optimum solution.

Our individuals and teams have experience of working on projects of all sizes in highly regulated environments, where the extra complexity can present additional challenges.

Extensive experience allows us to select the right technique and approach to deliver first class results for every client.

Guiding Principles for Success at Premtech

• Customer Focus and

• Clear Objectives and Vision

• Added Value at Every

• Continuous Improvement

• Commitment to Health,
Safety and the Environment

• Commitment to Technical

• Right First Time

At Premtech we can tailor our extensive range of services to meet your specific project needs, from providing specialist Consultancy or Design Management, to fully integrated Design and Engineering services.


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